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Are you one of those who dread winters because of those unbearable joint pains? 

Worry not, you are not alone. Joint pains happen because of tissue shrinkage which impacts nerve endings thus causing the pain. Winter is the time, when nerve endings are extremely sensitive.


During winter, blood circulation in our muscles and joints also get affected. Our body restricts the flow of blood to certain body parts such as our hands and the muscles hurt at times.
So it becomes very critical that we keep an eye out for the factors that worsens the aches and pains:
Lack of movement – Winter tempts us to stay snuggled-up, all warm and cosy. The risk we endure is, we end up making our muscles and joints lazy and weak with all the available rest and zero movement. You must move around more to keep your muscles and joints active enough.

Dehydration– In winter, our bodies tend to feel less thirsty and hence our intake of fluids and water comes down significantly. Huge intake of hot beverages like coffee doesn’t count as fluids because the body only gets dehydrated in the process. The end result is drier skin and more complications for the body. Have huge amounts of water and fluids to keep the body hydrated and the skin amply moisturised.

Binge-eating – Winter keeps you confined with restricted movement. This also sends out signals to the body to eat more. The human body tends to eat more without any care or caution. In the process, a lot of fats and sugars get absorbed. And for lack of any physical activity, the immediate impact is on the muscles and joints in the form of inflammation and pain.

Stress – Research studies also reveal winter is the time when people get afflicted with stress, anxiety and depression for a host of reasons. Such stress directly impacts the joints and muscles leading to inflammation. It’s o ideal to keep stress away.

Massage can help.


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